In recent times Python has emerged as a major programming language, across the world. It is one of the most popular languages in use among IT professionals. Nowadays there is an increasing number of programmers and web developers who are undergoing training in Python. Training institutions are offering Python Certifications for the course and this has resulted in many more programmers joining and learning this language. While the training provides the basic learning for the programming and obtains professional skills, the certification adds to their resume, increases the demand for their talents and abilities and helps them get better work opportunities.

So what is Python and why is it in so much demand?

Python is a high level, powerful, sophisticated, object-oriented programming language for the web. It is easy to learn and easy to use, hence you can concentrate on the application of the language rather than try to figure out which command to use. You do not need too much time to get trained in Python – it is easy to pick up even by beginners and you can start working with it soon on individual projects or jobs.

Python programming language is extremely portable and can run on multiple systems besides having a similar interface on different platforms. As a language it is clear and readable and is a good substitute for other languages like Perl and Ruby. It uses a code similar to other scripting languages and can therefore integrate with several domains. It allows you to work and code faster while ensuring that all systems are integrated more efficiently. It has stronger features and more powerful language construction as compared to other programming languages.

Python is free for use because of its Open Source License approved by OSI. Another major advantage of Python is that you see the benefits very quickly especially in enhancing productivity and curtailing maintenance expenses.

Python certification & training covers all the major elements of the programming language as well as the procedures necessary to use it as a system utility and in component integration, internet scripting, rapid prototyping and database programming.

Python certification is very advantageous for people working in the IT industry, in particular for programmers. In today’s world it is an absolutely vital skill for any IT professional to possess.

Python experts can get jobs in many areas, the prime ones being in

Web development: Django, a Web development framework, is written in Python. Django does extremely complex things with less code that is clean and easy to maintain. It allows you to get a working website up quickly and easily, with the least fuss.

Software Engineering: Since Python is easy to write and manage, many new applications are using this high level language. In addition many old applications are now being migrated to the newer data systems

• Big Data Analysis: In today’s world where there is an over-abundance of data, a programming language like Python is a critical tool to handle the vast quantities of information and make sense out of it.