Appointment national recommendations for slimming down intake within the teenagers

The newest Pearson’s chi-rectangular try off versatility getting 3 ? dos contingency dining tables was used to compare proportions away from in different ways effective adolescents exactly who found or did not met Slovenian federal source beliefs (RV) to have everyday intake recommendations for opportunity and macronutrients. The p value is adjusted in order to 0.008 toward Bonferroni correction because of several evaluations.

All the data had been assessed using IBM SPSS Analytics 22 (IBM, Armonk, Nyc, USA). The level of statistical benefit is actually set at the 0.05.


Our attempt provided 341 teens (girls letter = 179, 52.5%; boys letter = 162, 47.5%) from the first 12 months regarding middle school. An average (± practical departure) ages of brand new teens was 15.3 (± 0.5) many years (diversity fourteen so you’re able to 18 many years).

Absolute fat reduction intake during the adolescents

As demonstrated in Table 2, the differently active boys had significantly different intake of energy (p = 0.02), carbohydrates (p = 0.03), proteins (p = 0.002), and fats (p = 0.02)). A more detailed post-hoc analysis demonstrated that VPA boys consumed significantly more energy compared to MPA boys (p = 0.01). There was no significant difference in energy intake between LPA and VPA boys (p = 0.21) and between LPA and MPA boys (p = 1.0). The same was true for carbohydrate intake (p = 0.03), although a larger intake was observed (p = 0.02) in MPA than in VPA boys. Differences between groups of differently physically active boys were also found in protein intake, namely, VPA boys consumed more proteins than LPA boys (p = 0.005), as well as MPA boys (p = 0.01). VPA boys consumed more fat than MPA boys (p = 0.02), while there was no significant difference in fat intake between LPA and VPA boys (p = 0.91) and MPA and LPA boys (p = 1.0). In girls, no statistically significant differences were found in energy (p = 0.91), carbohydrate (p = 0.83), protein (p = 0.96), or fat (p = 0.90) intake between girls with different physical activity extent. Additional gender comparisons revealed that the energy and all macronutrients (i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) intake was significantly higher in boys than in girls in all groups of physical activity (p < 0.005).>

Dining table 2 Bmi, time, and macronutrients intake in in another way pronalaЕѕenje Е vedska Еѕena personally effective teens. letter, quantity of sufferers; LPA, quicker yourself energetic; MPA, meagerly personally energetic; VPA, intensely yourself active adolescents; Body mass index, body mass index; Meters, median; significance efficiency obtained that have Kruskal-Wallis sample ranging from in another way yourself effective adolescents was given particular p-thinking

An assessment out-of adolescent times and you may macronutrient intake with federal suggestions is actually displayed because the portion of teenagers exactly who satisfied / did not satisfy each and every day needed value having times as well as macronutrients (carbs, healthy protein, and you can fats) centered on gender (Dining table step three) and you can exercise (Dining table 4).

Table 4 Portion of differently productive teens, exactly who came across otherwise don’t satisfy site value (RV) to have everyday times and you will mineral intake

Talking about Table 3, abilities demonstrated that 75% out of adolescents was basically appointment the latest federal recommendations for each other carbs and you may healthy protein intakes, when you’re just 49% and you will 10% out-of teens was indeed meeting new federal recommendations for pounds and effort consumption, respectively. A somewhat large portion of boys (82.7%) was indeed appointment suggestions for necessary protein consumption than just girls (67.0%) (p = 0.001). On the other hand, no analytical variations in conference the latest federal testimonial was indeed discover anywhere between boys and you can girls to own either time (p = 0.18), carbohydrates (p = 0.06), otherwise oils (p = 0.41).

Overall performance found (Desk cuatro) that there have been zero statistically significant variations in the new percent out-of teens which met / don’t fulfill times and you can macronutrient recommendation anywhere between in another way effective boys and girls.