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Dear Sarah,

I like my good friend’s recent ex-boyfriend. In all honesty, I appreciated him through their unique union. Will it be OK for me personally currently him today? I haven’t expected their but, but regardless if she states she is down along with it, can I believe her? And, basically choose to do it, the length of time can I wait?

—Crushing in Boston, MA

Dear Crushing,

1st, let me congratulate you on winning recently’s honor for Cool Chick. Precisely Why? You didn’t attempt to ruin your
friend’s union
or hook up together with her date while they happened to be collectively


you know you are browsing need apply the huge girl shorts and just have that supremely uncomfortable conversation about adopting the ex.

Men and women frequently spot a lot more price on the romances than they are doing their unique
. Whenever a hot man or lady shows up, buddies fade inside back ground and then be remembered with fantastic require and importance in the celebration of a breakup. Everything we would like to trust that real love never dies, the truth is that platonic securities are often more durable and healthy over the longterm than passionate relationships—but these strong relationships grab prioritizing. Element of honoring your own buddy is actually inquiring the woman authorization to visit along with her former date.

If she actually is still earnestly grieving, just the right course of action is hold off. You waited out their own whole relationship, preciselywhat are a couple of more weeks (or months)? Take her out for a latte, and be honest regarding the feelings. Recognize which you have one thing probably uneasy to go over and focus on that the relationship is really important for your requirements. It’s likely that, she actually isn’t probably offer you a big embrace and tell you firmly to “go for it!” but hopefully she’s going to realize and value that you were in advance along with her. If she flat-out claims, “no,” provide her a couple of days to restart right after which have another girl-to-fat girl chat.

If you
carry out end up dating the ex
, anticipate some tension. It will probably ease in the long run. If she’s nearly as good a friend for you since you have gone to the lady, she will perform the girl far better cool. Outings without the ex are crucial, and the unexpected, “So, this will be sort of strange, huh?” will afford the woman the opportunity to release and clear the atmosphere.

Really Love, Sarah