If you are a professional who is aiming to make it big in the ever-changing IT world, becoming a ‘Big Data Expert’ can be an excellent choice. As per a recent survey, in the coming years, 3 out of every 5 highest paid jobs in the IT field will require you to have cloud computing and big data skills.

The organizations in their bid to stay ahead of the pack and the increasing number of startups are already offering some amazing opportunities for big data experts and this will only grow in future. This makes Hadoop Certification a must-have in every big data enthusiast’s resume.

Hadoop Certification

The open-source framework of Hadoop is single-handedly responsible for its major popularity in the big data realm. The unique data management approach of this platform is highly beneficial for organizations and has completely transformed the way in which they store, analyze, process and share data.

However, the number of professionals who have the required Hadoop skills is meager and as per the studies this difference between the demand and supply of Hadoop professionals will upsurge in future. A recent report from McKinsey and Company suggests that there will be a shortage of about 180,000 big data professionals by 2018 in US alone. Needless to say, Hadoop Certification will offer you with a bevy of opportunities in the field of your preference.

Let us have a look at some other benefits of Hadoop Certification

•    Ensures that you have hands-on knowledge about big data;
•    Verifies that you are fully-aware about the latest technologies and features in the field of Hadoop and big data;
•    Hadoop Certification provides you with an edge over other individuals who are looking for a career in big data but do not have Hadoop Certification;
•    Highly beneficial for professionals who are planning to switch their fields of expertise;
•    Has a huge impact on your paycheck. [Also Check: 1) Types of Big Data Certifications or 2) 10 Indian Startups working on Big Data]

How You Can Get Hadoop Certification?

For Hadoop Certification, you can either go for in-class training or there are also many online courses. If you are a full-time professional, in-class training might not be the most feasible option for you. Online Hadoop Certification can be ideal choice for working professionals. However, while choosing an online Hadoop Certification course, make sure that they offer online live-training as it offers a better learning environment.

Who Should Go For Hadoop Certification?

Any professional who wants to build a solid foundation in big data architecture, wants to make a strong CV, employees who are looking for better opportunities in their company can benefit from this course. However, it is majorly focused on professionals who looking out to make it big in this big data boom. Analytics Professionals, Project Managers, Software Professionals, Testing Professionals, and ETL Developers are the ones that can gain immense benefits from this course.

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