MongoDB is a very popular open source NoSQL database. It stores the data in the form of collections instead of tables, and documents instead of rows and columns. When scalability and speed are required, this database shines. It stores the documents in JSON (Java Script Object Notation) format. Unlike SQL systems, MongoDB deals with semi-structured and unstructured data, hence overcoming the problems of RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems).

Prerequisites to learn MongoDB

Following would be beneficial skills to learn MongoDB:

  1. Knowledge of any programming language: To learn MongoDB, one should know any of the programming language for the integration with MongoDB. As MongoDB offers drivers and client libraries for many programming languages including Java, C#, PHP & Ruby, Python, js, and many more.

  3. Knowledge of JavaScript will be an added advantage: As MongoDB uses JavaScript format to store data, so the learning curve will be easier with the familiarity of basic JavaScript. If you know the basic syntax of calling JavaScript methods, which is same as calling methods in Java or C++, you have a flying start.

  5. Knowing JSON will be helpful: The second pillar of MongoDB is JSON, or more precisely BSON. So, it would be an extra advantage if you have the knowledge of JSON.

  7. Basic Knowledge of RDBMS: It will be good if you have understanding on basic concepts of Database (RDBMS). Because it will be easy for the learner to differentiate the different terminologies of RDBMS and MongoDB.

  9. Basic knowledge of Text Editor: if you are using UNIX, then you should have a basic knowledge of text editor or Vi Editor.

So, these are the essentials skills to learn MongoDB. There are no such difficult prerequisites to learn MongoDB, as MongoDB is very easy to learn and use. That’s why including Software Architects, Database Professional, IT Manager, and Software Developer, Students can even learn MongoDB easily.

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