Introducing Big Data Jobs: Big data is getting bigger with each passing day. And along with this growth, the demand for big data professionals is also growing by leaps and bounds. If 2015 was a big for big data experts, 2016 is bigger and the coming years will be enormous. In today’s competitive world companies are fighting to get ahead with an edge over others – information, knowledge, data is what makes this possible. With humongous amounts of data being generated and processed in real-time, there is a massive demand for trained people who have the skill and expertise to manage, process, analyze and effectively utilize this wealth of information to help organizations to progress at an accelerated rate.

Value and worth of big data

Companies are realizing the value and worth of big data and are well on their way to implementing big data solutions in their organization. Some have completed this initiative, others are in the process of doing so because without this asset, they will fail to function in the global or even the national or local markets. Forbes has predicted that Professional, Scientific & Technical Services, IT, Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance and Retail, in that order will be the five top sectors recruiting people with expertise in handling the various aspects of big data.

These five industries will account for anything between 80-95% of all big data jobs. Interestingly, with the growing need for big data training skills there is also a great need for sales people who can sell big data solutions to user organizations. Thus there is likely to be a spurt in the requirement for this breed of personnel too.

Skill sets necessary for Big Data deployments

IDG Enterprise Big Data Research, claims that organizations plan to invest heavily in skill sets necessary for Big Data deployments, in the near future – over the next 12-18 months maybe. This would include Data Scientists, Data Architects, Data Analysts, Data Visualizers, Research Analysts, and Business Analysts. Other big data experts would include Big Data Engineers, Machine Learning Scientists, Business Analytics Specialists, Data Visualization Developers, Business Intelligence (BI) Engineers, BI Solutions Architects, BI Specialists, Analytics Managers, Machine Learning Engineers and Statisticians.

Though the demand for big data experts is surging forward, there is still a problem in meeting this demand. Many organizations are trying to resolve the situation by conducting in-house training to bring their personnel up to par. But there has to be more of a concerted effort to educate and train more people in the area of handling and managing big data, given its growing importance and use in every sector in the world.

Gets more innovative each year

More big data jobs will be available in the coming years because big data itself gets more innovative each year. It goes beyond crunching numbers and into interpreting qualitative information such as nonverbal human communication cues (e.g. tone of voice, posture, and facial expressions). The more information that big data can quantify, the more jobs will open for those who can perform and analyze such enumerations.

Big Data skills add enormously to your marketability especially in this phase when experts are still in short supply. Big data professionals can command extremely high salaries with their rare skills. As big data takes over the globe, it is also creating challenging but highly satisfactory and well paid career opportunities for the rightly qualified and trained professional. It seems an ideal time for IT professionals to garner added qualifications and skills and rule the world of big data.