In previous blogs, I have discussed about Past of R Programming Language and Present status of R Programming language joining with Data Analytics, this blog introduces you to the future of R programming language and Data Analytics. You will come to know the scope and future if one has completed Business Analytics with R Training course.

Data Analytics and R programming will be the future of everything because it is helping consumers as well as producers. For producers, it is all about acquiring customers, increasing customer satisfaction and productivity. On the other hand side, for consumers, it is about to get all desired products at the correct time.

  • The question is who want to get more customers?

Everyone, it is not a complicated question and R programming will help everyone to gain customers in near future.

  • So the important question is HOW can we acquire more customers?

People have different views for it, but the thing is, you have to go to find them with the new tools, i.e. Analytical Tools, which help us to find them.

Also, Analytical Tools have proven the life savior, and apart from producers and consumers, it is about life of Human Beings. So, let’s take a simple example to understand the use of Analytics for benefits of people.

Example of Data Analytics in Health Care:

Let’s talk about health sector, where we deal with thousands of patients every day. For treating the patient, initially the doctor has to spend a lot of time to understand the status of patient by analyzing different factors. Now, let’s suppose, doctor has a tool by which he can analyze the status of patient by entering patient health data into that tool. In the health sector, data is generated with fast pace which needs to be analyzed for better health of the patients


Image shows you various sources of generation of data in health sector.

Data generated from all above mentioned resources in the health sector, is used to gain quality and efficiency in the care of patients. Analytical tools will help to improve the quality of a patient’s care by quickly identifying and correcting below benchmark performances.

So, the health care sector is under big pressure to reduce cost, improve coordination and quality, be more patient centric and provide more with less.

Apart from the health sector, businesses will be on the boom when all their data will get analyzed and obtained information will be used to get more profits. Even, Automation sector will be completely get into Analytics, machine learning, Education, Banking, E-commerce and Hospitality, all will become dependent on Analytics.

Hope, you understand the importance of Business Analytics with R Training course. If so, then it is strongly recommended you to start your career with the R programming language and Data Analytics as it will be the only field in the near future where millions of Analyst will be hired.

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