Big Data is a prevalent term used to delineate the availability and exponential data growth, including structured, semi-structured and un-structured data. Hadoop is an open source software stack, running on cluster of machines which provides distributed storage and processing for large amount of data, thus solving the problem of analyzing and processing the big data. Thus, it is safe bet to say that Hadoop is not a fad but it is here to stay.

Skills to Become a Hadoop developer

  1. Basic Knowledge of any Programming Language: In order to be a good Hadoop developer, one should have a basic knowledge of any programming language. It is essential for analysis and problem solving in Hadoop which could be achieved by basic knowledge of any programming language.
  1. Knowing Java is an added advantage: Though you can go for any language to code the map and reduce functions, there are some advanced features that are present in JAVA API. Moreover since Hadoop is written in Java, Knowing java certainly helps. In addition, Java comes handy, if you want to get into the details of the functionality of a particular module.
  1. Knowledge of Basic Linux Commands: Hadoop can run on windows, but it was initially built on Linux. Thus, Linux is a favorable method for installing and managing Hadoop. Having a good understanding of getting around in Linux shell will help especially while dealing with special command line parameters.
  1. Good knowledge of database structures, theories, principles and practices: Effective analysis and processing of humungous amount of data in Hadoop can be done by storing data and then analyzing that data. So a good know-how of database composition, theories, concepts and postulates will help.
  1. Knowledge of SQL will be a plus point: SQL knowledge has been reused in Hadoop in order to analyze the Data. Hive was a way of bringing SQL like interface for querying Hadoop. Though SQL support for Hive is limited and it doesn’t offer full ANSI SQL.
  1. Distributed System: Hadoop works on a concept of storing enormous data sets across distributed cluster of servers. So a Hadoop developer should know how to work with distributed applications in a distributed System.

So, the above mentioned are the various skills required by a person to be a Hadoop developer. The swamp of big data is likely to endure in the future.  Tools to manage big data will ultimately become mainstream, which is when almost everyone is working with big data. Entrepreneurial folks can still get ahead of the mainstream today by endowing in career development.

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