This new key area from “love” as the a social image certainly one of Main Africans (F ? 5

Also, the very thought of like are firmly conveyed on the designation out of crucial mental attributes and you may problems that offer strong family relations existence – persistence, information, responsibility, determination, friendship, appeal, and you will reciprocity

49, mediocre rank ? step 1.84) are explained of the like alone (F = 19, mediocre score = 1.68); ideas (F = 8, mediocre review = step 1.5); tenderness (F = eight, mediocre rating = step 1.71); ability to share (F = six, mediocre score = step one.83); admiration (F = 6, mediocre rank = step 1.66). This new periphery from “love” while the a social logo certainly Central Africans includes determination (F = seven, mediocre score = 2.14); being attached to somebody (F = eight, average rating = dos.28); forgiveness (F = eight, average rating = step one.85); heart (F = cuatro, mediocre score = step one.75); support (F = dos, mediocre rating = step 1.5); friendship (F = dos, mediocre score = step one.5); surrendering com­pletely (F = step 3, mediocre rating = dos.66); serving anyone else (F = 4, average rating = 2.5); Goodness was love and you can like is actually Jesus (F = cuatro, average rating = dos.25); appeal (F = cuatro, average rank = 2); trust (F = 2, mediocre review = 2); fidelity (F = 3, mediocre rating = 2); wedding (F = step 3, av­erage rank = 2).


The analysis affirmed brand new hypothesis of one’s lifestyle out of parallels and you can cross-cul­tural differences in the concept of love one of Brazilians, Russians, and Central Africans since the agents away from collectivist cultures. Confirming the outcomes of earlier knowledge, in most the fresh new communities that we learned, love during the led association can be repre­sented by caring love (Barsade & O’Neill, 2014; Fehr mais aussi al., 2015; Chapel, 2016). Which finding attests towards importance of the group while the importance of how another individual seems like just like the functions out of collectivist people. For most Brazilians, Russians, and you will Central Africans within this research, like was illustrated given that a way to obtain all that is happy, brand new sign of all of that is unique and you may a for the peo­ple. It concretizes brand new records off an understanding of like since the a beneficial individual financial support (Kokurina & Solina, 2014) and looking well-are which have mind-commitment (Knee ainsi que al., 2013).

In the present data, you’ll find noted parallels regarding love icon within peripheral height: welfare, friendship, and you may patience. Persisted to make use of the latest metaphor from Sternberg’s love triangle (1986), we gotten similar characteristics which will be compared from inside the a particular means that have Sternberg’s triangular vertices. Therefore, the notion of like as “passion” one of several studied teams coincides with Sternberg’s concept, when you’re “patience” should be roughly like new “decision / commitment” inside Sternberg’s triangle, also “friendship,” implying “intimacy” because the an almost relationship. Even though, brand new key area services out of love was culture-certain. So it correlates toward view away from Fehr (2006) on her behalf culturally laid out prototypical like build. In other words, love changes one of societies, which have features about almost every other historic, ethno-social, and you may socio-psychological specifiers.

The newest center area of fascination with Russians includes count on, family members, promise, suf­fering, hobbies, self-lose, and friendship. Thus, Russians most frequently connect the idea of like with family, big relationships (faith, self-sacrifice), guarantee, and you may feelings. However the attitude Russians connect with love aren’t the same for Brazilians. An element of the sense of love by the Russians are distress. This is certainly including affirmed because of the periphery out-of “like,” which has understanding, perseverance, determination, chil­dren, reciprocity, love itself, whiteness, duty, and fairy-tale. It is exceptional you to for those professionals, like is within the exact same worth-semantic classification just like the reciprocity, an excellent, white wedding dress, family relations, college students and you may, as mentioned above, lose and persistence. To own Russians, the concept of like try concretized in the main element of a household: pupils. It stresses the necessity of intergenerational connec­tions and you will social representations regarding love within the culture (Soloski ainsi que al., 2013). Like comes with both an intimate eyes together with a short-term mundane reputation and you may prob­lematic characteristics for the relationships.