For a modern company to achieve success, it is very important to constantly evaluate the technological trends in the market to ensure that they stay at the top. One of the recent trends with an astounding scope is Big Data Analytics.

When managed by professionals, Big Data can do an exceptional job of helping the companies in their process of decision-making to ensure improved operational efficiency, reduced risk and cost-cutting. As a result, jobs in the field of Big Data Analytics are on an upswing. If you are searching for better career prospective, big data offers startling opportunities. This article will talk about 10 reasons that make Big Data Analytics a great career move.

  1.  Analytics Professionals are in-Demand– While companies are able to collect data, the collected data is useless unless they have someone with the technical knowledge of analysing it. As a result, companies are investing a lot of money and time to find the right candidate who has the required skills.


 2.  High Demand- Low Supply- As per the statistics, the supply of data analysts and consultants is very low. As a matter of fact, even the US is suffering from a huge shortage of people with this skill set. Thus, in this competitive environment, learning the right analytics skills will place you much ahead of others.

 3.  Attractive Salary- As there is a shortage in supply of the right candidates, companies offer attractive salaries to hire candidates with the right skills. A recent study suggests that in the US, the average yearly salary of a big data analyst is a little above $100,000.

4.  Requirement Across Varied Domains- The high demand for big data experts is due to the fact that their expertise can be utilized across a number of domains. Thus, you will have the freedom to choose the domain of your preference.

5.  Companies are Slowly Adopting Big Data- As per a recent survey, more than 90% of respondents believe that big data will completely transform the functioning of their organization in the near future. Companies have started understanding the benefits of big data and are slowly adopting it to stay on top. Thus, the demand for big data professionals will only grow in future.



6. Its Importance in Decision-Making- In the same survey, close to 50% of the respondents agreed that big data is an important factor in their decision-making abilities. While it is difficult to single out the most important benefit of big data analytics, one thing is for sure that it helps in making better business decisions.


7.  Increasing Demand for Unstructured and Semi-Structured Analytics – In a survey, more than 80% of the respondents agreed that their organizations are already collecting and analysing social media, photos, videos, emails, and other sources of unstructured data. Moreover, the others have agreed that they are taking initiatives to collect and analyze them in the near future.

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8. Big Data Turned Bigger than It was Expected- As per a survey conducted by Nimbus Ninety, it was the big data analytics that stood at the number one spot on the list of the technologies one should look out for in the next 3 years.

9. Applicable Everywhere- The increase in the demand for big data experts are due to the fact that it can be used everywhere. The amazing benefits of big data can be experienced across a number of domains and this means that big data is here to stay.


Multiple Job Choices- Last but not the least, Big Data Analytics is a large field and you get a number of job titles to choose from, including Big Data Analyst, Big Data Analytics Consultant, Big Data Engineer, Metric and Analytics Specialist and a lot more.