Top Trending Infographics on Big Data and Hadoop

Top Trending Infographics on Big Data and Hadoop

Where is your Data?

This infographics is based on the digital data which is growing like anything. As per the survey in 2012 2.75 zettabytes of data is generated but in current year it has been increased to 8 zettabytes. [source:]

Guide to Navigating Big Data

This infographics is based on various models which represents robust workbench that turns large and complex data into predictive models that map the path to ever-improving business performance. [source:]

Got Big Data

This infographics is based on the top most databases that stores Big Data. One of the most popular Big Data source is Hadoop. [source:]

Future of Big Data

This infographics is based on the sources from where we are generating data will be increased by 2020, this amount of data will improve our understanding, ourselves and the world. [source:]

Big Data Survey

This infographics is based on the Big Data project planning, their sources, storage for Big Data and use cases. [source:]

Big Data -Changing the Face of business

This infographics is based on the areas where business is modernized with the era of Big Data. From an open source core, various big firms and organizations are building open source Big Data platforms to modernize the Business or to extract Business trends and patterns. [source:]

Big Data Big Profits

This infographics is based on successful marketers who have figured out how to use Big Data to squeeze billions more from marketing and help them companies grow. [source:]

Big Data and Analytics Trends 2015

This infographics is based on the consumers behaviour and their activities on the internet, where organizations achieves target audience and maximize their efforts to reach, engage and compel them to action. [source:]
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Prabhat Jain spends most of his time doing research to analyze unstructured data with Hadoop framework. He also focuses on the emerging tools and technologies that deals with big data. He like coding & blogging, also loves to eat junk food and listen EDM songs.

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