MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL database. It provides high performance, high availability and automatic scaling. With MongoDB organizations are developing application which were never possible before.

We know that MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database but who should do or who all can go for MongoDB Training, still remains a big question mark? So here is a list, of all those who can go for MongoDB Training.

Mobile app Developers

Mobile applications built with RDBMS is hard to iterate constantly and it is not able to support millions of users effectively but, with MongoDB, building Mobile apps that scale millions of users has become easier with less money.

MongoDB can scale horizontally therefore serving millions of users becomes easy. With the flexibility in MongoDB less time is spend on the database, and more on the apps.


Documents in MongoDB
Documents in MongoDB

Real-time data Analysts

With MongoDB, analysing any data in place and in real time is much faster. The real-time analytical applications, which provide lighter-weight analytics very quickly and requires high availability. MongoDB is used for these type of analytical applications.

Software Developers

Software Developers who want to develop a single view application with MongoDB can build such an application faster. With MongoDB they can aggregate the data from multiple sources into a central repository and can create a single view of anything. The MongoDB’s Document model and dynamic schema makes developing such applications easier.

Website developers

Website developers who want to develop personalization engines so that they can customize the experience for their customers. With MongoDB personalizing the experience of millions of customers in real time becomes faster and easier.

Database Administrators

Earlier the data was structured therefore relational databases could easily handle such data but not anymore, since the data nowadays are structured, unstructured and semi structured. MongoDB can store and serve any kind of data faster and with less money.

MongoDB can be used by any individual or organization who wants to work on big data and wants to scale their data out effectively. Since MongoDB is next generation database which make things possible which were never possible before.