Business Analytics is an umbrella term that refers to the processes, technologies and techniques, which turn data into useful information to take better decisions. Doing MBA in business analytics is lucrative and Business Analysis is used in industries like financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, telecom, sports, social media, gaming, e-commerce, e-governance, etc.

Analytics has become an attractive career destination for MBA students. Currently, there are several colleges that are offering MBA in business analytics. But, the huge demand for more technical and professional skills in industry is “replacing” the MBA in business analytics.

Business Analytics-MBA

Disadvantages of doing MBA in Business Analytics

  • Time Consuming – MBA has become most time consuming program. During full-time programs, students sacrifice salaries. But, when these programs are offered on web, means online, then they get technical knowledge in less time.
  • Costly – The cost of an MBA, or the fees business colleges charge for their MBA programs, can vary from college to college. It depends on which college you’re applying.
  • Technical knowledge is less – During the MBA program, students have no technical and practical knowledge of analytics. No doubt, students are aware of the data but they don’t know how to analyse this data.

Why one should go for Business Analytics Certification

  • This will help to provide the practical deep knowledge of concepts that are required for analysing the large data set.
  • It provides an industry standard benchmark for technical competence, and offers validation for professionals who work with Business Analytics technologies.
  • This course is less time consuming and less costly as compared to MBA course.
  • A respected and widely accepted certification proves to prospective employers that your business Analytics expertise is confirmed by a recognized organization in the industry.
  • Business Analytics Certification goes beyond conceptual and theoretical knowledge.
  • Surveys consistently suggest analytics certified professionals enjoy higher salaries.

MBA is often deemed necessary to climb the ladders of business success. But, it is very difficult to maintain work, family and study. Hence, an effective hassle-free online classes of business analytics becomes essential which is quite less time consuming and not costly as compared to MBA course.

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