College would certainly be easier to cope with if it weren’t for so many essays and papers. The effulgence of the Internet made it possible for any small business to be seen, acknowledged and employed easily for various services. Nowadays, there are numerous paid essay writing services. A simple search on Google reveals entire pages filled with such “companies” as each more colorful and cheaper than the other. While it is tempting, we all know it, to have your essay written while you enjoy your free time, there are some reasons why you should steer clear of them. Here is a list of negative aspects revolving around these dim helpers:

1.They can be scammers
Scamming on the Internet is an industry. You will pay for your essay, and the next thing you know is that tomorrow’s the deadline, but you haven’t received what you paid for. In fact, you received absolutely nothing but a hole in your budget. The interesting thing about these scammers is that they never look like scammers, so there is a small chance to tell them apart from genuine companies/ groups. If you do decide to go with a “Write my paper” service, at least make sure it is legit. And although it may be legit, there are other things you have to worry about:

2.Poor quality of work
It is better to try your skills out than having an essay written more poorly than you would’ve written it in the first place. Most essay writing businesses only care about the money that goes from your wallet to theirs. The writing itself is often superficial, and you have no voucher that they did not plagiarize. Can you blame them? Of course not. You cannot tell your professor that you didn’t plagiarize because, first of all, you didn’t write it. At this point, you better trust your own abilities than have to face the consequences of someone else’s ignorance.

3.It’s expensive
Sure, one essay might not be that pricey, but do you have enough money to pay for cheating until you graduate? The writing itself is no less than $20 per page, but proofreading and formatting are not included in the price. You are free to do the math. Instead of procrastinating endlessly, you can exercise your writing instead. A page per day can improve your skills a great deal. These companies will never manage to envision your ideas, anyway, and you might be disappointed with having your name on the essay they send you back after they’ve been paid.

4.You give up
Of all the reasons why you shouldn’t rely on poor essay writing services, this is actually the saddest. When you decide to have your paper written by some obscure group of individuals, you basically surrender to your doubts. You will eventually realize how much money you’ve flushed down the toilet, and then you will start writing your essays, as it is ethical. You will be surprised that you knew how to do it, but first you had to get rid of self-doubt.

Certainly, now these miraculous problem-solvers aren’t that alluring, are they? It is said that problems are there to be overran. If you have difficulties in writing your essay, or any other kind of academic writing, the key is to breathe deeply, focus, write and repeat. Academic tasks are unbelievably easy when you get accustomed with how things usually go after you learned the mechanisms behind them. Professional essay writing is just at an arm’s reach, as long as you never stop trying.