December 1, 2021

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JSP vs Django

JSP vs Django

In this blog, I’ll be covering two well-known technologies used for web development. Web development is all about creating webpages and websites. Web development ranges from your very simple and static web pages to the complex web based services. And, technologies used for this creation and development varies widely. Many names come in mind when we talk about web development, out of which JSP and Django are one of them. So, over here I’ll be comparing these two technologies on various parameters.

JSP :-

JSP is all about Java server pages which is nothing but a technology that helps software developers to create web pages dynamically based on HTML, XML or other document types. JSP is quite similar to PHP, but the thing which makes it different is the programming language it works with. JSP uses the Java when it comes to programming language. In order to deploy and run Java Server pages, Apache Tomcat is required which is basically a web server with a servlet container.

If talking about architecture then JSP can be viewed as a high –level abstraction of Java Servlets. JSPs are translated into servlets at runtime, each JSP servlet is cached and re-used until the original JSP is modified. JSP is used as the view component in M-V-C pattern which is followed in every framework with JavaBeans as the model and Java Servlets as the controller.

JSP is cross-platform, and allows Java code to be used with HTML which results in the page being complied and executed on the server. These complied pages further contains Java byte code due to which they are executed over JVM i.e., Java Virtual Machine that does the completion part by interacting with the server’s operating system and providing an abstract of Platform-neutral environment.

Django :

Django is a web framework written in Python programming language. It’s again a platform which provides an ability to create static and dynamic webpages in a very short period of time. It was designed to meet the fast moving demand. It helps in making the task of creating webpages much easier by providing various modules.

Django is an open-source web application framework. Now the thing which makes it different from JSP is the coding style. It uses Python as the programming language to create webpages. And, programming in python is not mandatory, but many other languages can be used for Django’s template design which provides decent cross-platform support. But, Python scripting is used throughout from settings, files and to data models.

It comes with some primary goals which aims to create complex and database driven websites by saving the time. It was created on some basic philosophies which includes loose coupling, consistency and ‘don’t repeat yourself’ principle.


This totally depends on requirement of which technology to work with. If a person is new to programming world and is not having much knowledge of how to code, then the best option to select is Django. And, the reason behind this is the use of Python which is the easiest as well as the simplest language to code.

But, if a person is having a good command over Java, then it’s best to choose JSP for web development. Although, both of the technologies provides a platform to create webpages and websites as well.

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